West Coast

Since I don’t feel like I have enough favorites to talk about every individual state on the West Coast (other than California), I figured I would clump them together into one post! Here are a few of my West Coast (Best Coast) faves!


Pike Place Market (Seattle, WA)

I’ve been to Seattle a few times and I always make sure to stop at Pike Place Market! Fresh flowers for sale, fish flying through the air, seafood restaurants overlooking the Pacific…what could be better? A Seattle staple, this market should definitely be on your West Coast trip!


Grand Canyon (AZ)

I’ve been to the Grand Canyon just once in my life, but it was an incredible experience. If you’re looking for something more extravagant, do what I did and take a helicopter ride from Las Vegas. You can soar over the canyon itself and get up close and personal–absolutely incredible!


Kualoa Ranch (Oahu, HI)

I’ve visited Hawaii twice in my life, and my favorite thing I’ve done was visit Kualoa Ranch on the island of Oahu! At Kualoa, we took an ATV ride around the area, saw some famous filming locations (Jurassic Park, anyone?), and got to get down and dirty! It was so much fun, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do it!


EMP Museum (Seattle, WA)

One of the coolest experiences I had in Seattle was visiting the EMP Museum! With lots of fascinating exhibits, I definitely wasn’t bored. There was a hall filled with Jimmy Hendrix’s guitars, the evolution of horror films, as well as a special sci-fi costume section, complete with a Doctor Who section! The exhibits are constantly changing, so be sure to see what’s being showcased when you visit!


Las Vegas (NV)

So pretty much every must-see list of the U.S. includes Las Vegas! So how could I go against the norm? I’ve been to Vegas several times, but only once after being of legal age. It’s quite a fun experience, but just be sure to be safe! If you’re not into clubbing, there are tons of great restaurants and fun shows that you can see!



I’ve been on several cruises to Alaska and I am awed every single time. It is unlike any other landscape I’ve seen before, and it honestly seems like a different country. I’m sure I will go into more detail about my Alaskan favorites, but if this state isn’t on your bucket list, you need to sort out your priorities!

See anything you like? Or maybe something you would like to add? Let me know in the comments or submit it on my contact page!

-Girl Traveling the World 🙂

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