I feel like Spain is one of those countries with such diverse culture from city to city, and that seeing one city in Spain is not nearly enough. I spent four days in Barcelona in the summer of 2013 before embarking on a Mediterranean cruise and loved it! Here are a few of my Spanish favorites.


La Boqueria (Barcelona)

One of the most famous markets in the world, La Boqueria is an amazing place full of color and delicious snacks. From cured ham to Spanish cheese to brightly colored smoothies, this place has pretty much anything you’re looking for. Stop by and grab a few things for lunch!


Tickets (Barcelona)

I think I can honestly say that the best meal I’ve ever had in my life was at Tickets. I went there with my parents, brother, and uncle (who was coincidentally also in Barcelona at the time) and had the most incredible experience. A typical tapas (small plates) restaurant, they keep bringing you food until you tell them to stop. Let me just say that we didn’t tell them to stop. By the time we finished their tasting menu, we actually ordered more food because it was so delicious. I think that the bottle of wine each that we finished may have added to enjoyment, but the food undoubtedly stands alone. Make sure to make your reservations online a month in advance, though!


Hofmann Bakery (Barcelona)

Even after having croissants in France, my favorite croissant was from Hofmann Bakery. It was buttery, flaky, and had the perfect balance of sweetness. Enjoy with a cup of coffee and call it breakfast. Trust me on this one, guys. They’re world famous.

See anything you like? Or maybe something you would like to add? Let me know in the comments or submit it on my contact page!

-Girl Traveling the World 🙂

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