I love Greece. I think that’s a good, positive note to start out on. I spent a week exploring Athens with a friend in 2014 and wish I could have seen more. But I think there’s something nice about getting to really know the city you’re visiting. In hindsight, I would have gone in September, not in November, and spent a few days on one of the Greek Islands and less time in Athens, but you have to live and learn. Here are my favorite things about Greece! To read about my Greek vacation, click here.


Mt. Lycabettus (Athens)

Athens’ highest point, Mt. Lycabettus offers the greatest panoramic view of the city. You can climb to the top, if you’re feeling ambitious, or take the inexpensive cable car like I did. Once there, take in the amazing views and feel like you’re on top of the world! There is also a cafe that had an amazing, garlicky tzatziki, which you should definitely try while taking in the sights.


Cruise around the Greek Isles

With so many islands to explore, why not see a few in a short period of time? Dozens of companies offer cruises around the Greek Isles close to Athens: Aegina, Hydra, and Poros. While spending more than a day on any of these islands might be boring, the ability to see them all and get a taste for authentic Greek life is amazing. The cruise line we chose was Olympic Cruises, and it was definitely a great choice! Included in the price was hotel pick-up and drop-off, lunch, and a show from a Greek bouzouki player! A fun day excursion!


Ciccus (Athens)

My favorite bar we went to in Athens, Ciccus, offered great drinks, yummy snacks, and a great atmosphere! I ordered a strawberry drink with vanilla vodka and it was one of the most delicious drinks I’ve ever had in my life. Not much else to say about this place except that it is fun and you should try to stop in if you’re in Athens!


Athens Food Tour

Hands-down the best thing we did was take a food tour through Athens! I highlighted this in a post where I analyzed each food we tried, so I won’t bore you with that once again, but I cannot recommend enough how great of an experience this was. Being guided through the city by a licensed tour guide and Athenian local with a lot of knowledge, she introduced us to so many foods and stores that we wouldn’t have found otherwise. I think a food tour in any city is fun, but in Athens it was particularly great. Click here to read about my Athens food tour experience!

See anything you like? Or maybe something you would like to add? Let me know in the comments or submit it on my contact page!

-Girl Traveling the World 🙂

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