Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of countries I visited while on my solo Europe trip in 2015 that I wish that I could have spent more time in. The rich history, the great food, the kind people, the reasonable prices. I would love to return someday. Here are my highlights! To read about my time in the Czech Republic in depth, click here.


Charles Bridge Economic Hostel (Prague)

Although a little difficult to spot, the Charles Bridge Economic Hostel was my favorite hostel I stayed at on my trip. Not only is it a hostel, but it is also an officially licensed tourism office, so if you stay at this hostel, you get discounted prices on tours (sometimes, they’re free!). Located right next to the Charles Bridge with a friendly staff, and starting at just $15 a night, you really can’t beat this place!


Old Town Square (Prague)

Prague’s Old Town Square is full of so many fun things to explore! The Astronomy Clock, celebratory festivals (I was there during Chinese New Year), restaurants, shops, and a great place to people watch. I’m sure that if you find yourself in Prague, the Old Town Square will be on your list of places to see. Very cool!


Segway Tour through Prague

I’m no newcomer to Segway Tours, and this one was a lot of fun! The tour took me all around Prague to give me the best panoramic views in about three hours. Be warned: nighttime tours in the winter get FREEZING, but I think the views were worth it. Check it out!



My favorite Czech snack, the Trdelnik is a cylindrical hollow pastry with roasted sugar on top. Although not technically from the Czech Republic, they’re definitely a staple in Czech food now! Not too sweet and great at warming you up in the winter, I grabbed a few of these during my time in the Czech Republic. Be sure you try one of these treats, available on pretty much every corner!


The Bone Chapel (Kutna Hora)

I walked into this seemingly normal church in the small town of Kutna Hora, located a hour’s train ride outside of Prague, and I was awed. The Bone Chapel is stocked with different fixings made from human remains. It is incredible, and also creepy, which I enjoyed thoroughly. My favorite things to see were the crest (pictured above) and the chandelier made out of bone. If you’re not too squeamish, worth the visit out of town!


Jewish Quarter (Prague)

Prague is full of many synagogues and other Jewish artifacts in the Jewish Quarter. I would recommend visiting this section of Prague, but probably taking a tour, as I got a bit lost on my own. Whether you feel a religious connection or not, the history stands on its own.

See anything you like? Or maybe something you would like to add? Let me know in the comments or submit it on my contact page!

-Girl Traveling the World 🙂

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