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Where Am I Now?

You may have seen that I added a countdown section on the right sidebar of my blog, but if not, I am currently on my way to Seattle! Zach goes to school nearby, so for this lovely Labor Day weekend, my family is flying up to visit and spend the weekend exploring Washington! This is my first venture outside of California in over a year, so I am beyond excited to share my adventures with you. Stay tuned for my “Washington Wanderings” posts!

-Girl in Seattle 🙂


Where I’m Going Next!

It has been over 14 months since I have traveled abroad and over a year since I have left the state of California. I am way past due for a fun and exciting adventure outside of my Los Angeles bubble. As much as I love LA, my urge to explore other cities has been very strong as of late. Since I’m finally in a good place in my job and have the means (read: funds) to go somewhere, I have planned my next vacation! Continue reading Where I’m Going Next!