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Where Am I Now?

You may have seen that I added a countdown section on the right sidebar of my blog, but if not, I am currently on my way to Seattle! Zach goes to school nearby, so for this lovely Labor Day weekend, my family is flying up to visit and spend the weekend exploring Washington! This is my first venture outside of California in over a year, so I am beyond excited to share my adventures with you. Stay tuned for my “Washington Wanderings” posts!

-Girl in Seattle 🙂


Happy Anniversary!

Two years ago today, I had the crazy idea of starting a blog to chronicle my travels through Israel and Europe. My first post was entitled, “Expectations,” and reading it now brings a smile to my face. My life has changed so drastically since that post was shared, and if you’ve stuck around since the very beginning then I’m sure you’ve seen my transformation yourself. I’m so glad that I created this blog, and that I’ve kept it all this time. Here’s to many more years of this girl traveling the world!

-Girl Traveling the World 🙂

I Moved!

Well, the day has finally come! I have officially moved out of my parents’ house in the valley and into an apartment in…West Hollywood! I am now living with my awesome friend Maria (who has made quite a few appearances on this blog, and who will definitely make many more)! We are still in the “unpacking/making the apartment ours” phase of moving, so stay tuned for photos of our new apartment! Yay!

-Girl in West Hollywood 🙂

Where I’m Going Next!

It has been over 14 months since I have traveled abroad and over a year since I have left the state of California. I am way past due for a fun and exciting adventure outside of my Los Angeles bubble. As much as I love LA, my urge to explore other cities has been very strong as of late. Since I’m finally in a good place in my job and have the means (read: funds) to go somewhere, I have planned my next vacation! Continue reading Where I’m Going Next!

Happy Days

Sorry I haven’t been updating this blog recently, but the main reason is because so many exciting things have happened in my life that I’ve barely had a moment to myself, let alone write about my experiences. But now I shall catch you all up on the fun things I’ve been doing, so stay tuned for future blog posts!

My family’s traditional “First Day” picture by our front door! Featuring my boy, Sam 🙂

The most important thing that has happened in my life is, drum roll……I HAVE A NEW JOB! Yes that’s right, I have left my old job in the travel business and have transitioned into the lovely world of PR, and I couldn’t be happier! While at the time I’m writing this, I’ve only been at this new job for a few weeks, I can’t even begin to tell you how much happier I am with work and life in general. This has been an amazing switch and I can’t wait to update you all! So like I said, catch up blog posts will be coming very soon!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

My Bucket List

I stupidly gave myself the work task of creating trip itineraries around the world. I say stupidly not because it is a bad idea but because it is giving me major wanderlust and I just want to travel to all of the places I’m researching.

As social media and marketing manager/director/whatever I want to call myself, one of my duties is to find relevant posts and/or pictures and post them to the company sites. On Monday, I posted an article titled “56 Travel Bloggers Reveal Their Best Bucket List Ideas,” and each of the 56 picked their top 3 things they want to do before they kick the bucket. Continue reading My Bucket List