September 2016

When I looked at my blog and realized I hadn’t written anything in over 6 months, I was horrified. So much has happened in that span of time, so instead of doing individual posts of everything I’ve done (which would bore me as much as it would bore you), I thought I’d do a month-by-month recap, with a few individual standout posts! Starting with the rest of September, here we go!

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Days 5 & 6: Shabbat Shalom

Shalom haverim! For those unfamiliar with Hebrew, that means “Hello, my friends!” I wish I could say that the reason this blog is compiling 2 very long days was because I was keeping Shabbat, but alas, the reason is just that I was busy and got a little too lazy to write. However, I will give you all the full low-down on my weekend. Sunday (which is not a weekend here, sadly) will be included in my next blog post, as I can already tell it will be too long to include 3 full days. Continue reading “Days 5 & 6: Shabbat Shalom”