Days 14-16: Bonding Times

This post will have a bit more substance than the last one, I promise. Continue reading Days 14-16: Bonding Times


Days 12-13: The Day(s) of Rest

So sorry it has taken me so long to catch up on these blogs. I actually wrote the majority of this particular blog post and my browser suddenly closed on me and I lost the whole thing. Struggles of technology. Luckily, I remember my last weekend very vividly, even though not a ton actually happened and there are no pictures… Here you go: Continue reading Days 12-13: The Day(s) of Rest

Day 11: The Salty Sea

As you may be able to tell by the title of this post (and if you read yesterday’s post), today I went to Ein Gedi and Yam HaMelach, the Dead Sea. However, the word “Yam” in Hebrew means “sea” and the word “HaMelach” means “the salty.” So literally, Yam HaMelach translates into The Salty Sea. And THAT is the reason of the title of my post. Okay, I’m babbling now. Continue reading Day 11: The Salty Sea

Days 5 & 6: Shabbat Shalom

Shalom haverim! For those unfamiliar with Hebrew, that means “Hello, my friends!” I wish I could say that the reason this blog is compiling 2 very long days was because I was keeping Shabbat, but alas, the reason is just that I was busy and got a little too lazy to write. However, I will give you all the full low-down on my weekend. Sunday (which is not a weekend here, sadly) will be included in my next blog post, as I can already tell it will be too long to include 3 full days. Continue reading Days 5 & 6: Shabbat Shalom

Day 2: Exploring Tel Aviv

Day 2: Tuesday, 9/9/2014

Today was our first official program day. After sleeping for a whopping 6 hours, I awoke at 6:30am, 2 hours earlier than I would have liked to start my day. Thanks jet lag, I really appreciated that. When it was actually time to wake up, I got ready and Morgan, Lilah, and I headed to the Habima Square, a 30-minute walk from our apartment. Even at 9 in the morning, the heat and sun bore down on us immensely. Luckily I had about a gallon of sunscreen on (skin safety is important, my friends). I only got one block before I decided put my hair into a braid, which was a great choice. Continue reading Day 2: Exploring Tel Aviv

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