Days 26 & 27: The Days of Reflection

Now there’s honestly no need for me to blog about my Yom Kippur experience. I truthfully did nothing. I didn’t go to shul, I fasted, I reflected. That’s about it. I did do the full fast though! Go me. And I broke my fast with a subpar hamburger that was served with bland rice. I missed going to my grandma’s house, that’s for sure. So I apologize for this boring post, but hope that you had a meaningful Yom Kippur and an easy fast! My next post is coming, and it’s action-packed. Trust me.

-Girl in Israel 🙂

Days 19 & 20: The Not-So-Shabbat-y Weekend

Powering through this last blog post after midnight here. I really want to be caught up so I don’t need to reach back a week into my memory and get things wrong. I’m all about the truth here on this blog, and I don’t want to give you false information about my trip! I may leave a few details out, withhold information here and there, but I never want to lie. Okay, I may be getting a bit wacky in these late hours. Not too much happened, so I think I can bang out this blog post for sure. Here we go! Continue reading Days 19 & 20: The Not-So-Shabbat-y Weekend

Days 17 & 18: Rosh HaShana in Jerusalem

So this will be yet another blog post without any pictures. I mean, if there were any blog post where it was acceptable to be lacking photos, I think it’d be this one. So as you can see by the title of this post, I spent Rosh HaShana, or for those of you unfamiliar with Jewish holidays, the Jewish New Year, in Jerusalem with my mom’s cousin Cindy and her family. I will explain more in detail as the blog goes on. Enjoy! Continue reading Days 17 & 18: Rosh HaShana in Jerusalem

Days 12-13: The Day(s) of Rest

So sorry it has taken me so long to catch up on these blogs. I actually wrote the majority of this particular blog post and my browser suddenly closed on me and I lost the whole thing. Struggles of technology. Luckily, I remember my last weekend very vividly, even though not a ton actually happened and there are no pictures… Here you go: Continue reading Days 12-13: The Day(s) of Rest

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