Days 105-108: Reunion Time

This week was filled with many happy reunions! I was very excited! I still am… 🙂 Continue reading Days 105-108: Reunion Time


Days 102-104: Festival of Light

It’s still Hanukkah, so I have still titled this post something Hanukkah-related. Although I really should call it something grosser… Sorry for this post being shorter than usual. I haven’t been feeling too well. Continue reading Days 102-104: Festival of Light

Days 94-97: More Than Halfway Through

I’m getting to the point in the program where I’m kind of over working for no money. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still enjoying my internship a lot, and I feel like I’m learning quite a bit. But it’s a bit tiring to get up every day and go to work without any real incentive. I hope you all understand what I mean here. Also, I’m really missing my family and friends back home (aka the only people, I assume, who read my blog). On that cheery note, let’s jump into this post, shall we? Continue reading Days 94-97: More Than Halfway Through

Days 91-93: Getting Back in the Groove

Okay, so I’ve finally rebounded from my Thanksgiving funk, and now I’m planning my Europe adventures! It’s getting me extremely excited. I am definitely going to Switzerland (Geneva, to be exact) and to France (for Disneyland in Paris, because I’m a dork, but also to Versailles) with Deborah! The other locations in Europe (because I’m also going to travel the US a bit) that I’m going to are Belgium (Brussels), UK (London and Cardiff, for Doctor Who purposes, duh), Czech Republic (Prague), Austria (Vienna/Salzburg – haven’t decided yet), and Hungary (Budapest). Let me know if you have any suggestions! Okay, blog time… Continue reading Days 91-93: Getting Back in the Groove

23 Countries Down, The World To Go