Days 150 & 151: Moving Out

By the time I post this, I will no longer have a place to live in Israel. I am writing this at Ben Gurion airport waiting for my flight. I spent last night at Amy’s apartment, which was nice, but still, not my own place. I mean, I’m glad to be out of my hellish apartment (as I was leaving, I saw mold growing again….yes, for a third time), but it’s weird that for the next month, I will be country hopping, from friends’ homes to hostels. For those that don’t know, I officially return back to Los Angeles on March 1st. Insane how quickly time went by. Here’s how moving out went. Continue reading “Days 150 & 151: Moving Out”

Days 126-130: Holding My Breath

So as many of you who read this blog know, something really exciting is about to happen. I’m practically holding my breath (hey look, nod to the title) waiting for my awesome thing to happen: my parents visiting!!! So that will be the next post. Sorry for the lack of pictures recently. There haven’t been any truly amazing things to document, so I just haven’t documented them. Oops. Let’s begin, shall we? Continue reading “Days 126-130: Holding My Breath”

Days 121-125: Stormageddon

A huge storm has been raging throughout Israel, and no one knows how to deal with it. It’s pretty entertaining, although inconvenient. Israelis don’t know how to do weather. And I know what you’re thinking: I’m from L.A., I don’t know weather either. But believe me, I know way better than all of these Israelis, wearing giant puffy coats when it’s 60 degrees out. So give me a little credit. Alright, let’s begin. Continue reading “Days 121-125: Stormageddon”

Days 117-120: Starting on a Good Foot

So I know the title of this post is slightly strange, but my mentality behind it is that you don’t really know if you’re starting out on the right foot until the entire experience is over. So by me saying a “good” foot, I know that in the moment it is good for me. I guess I will have to wait to find out if I’ve started off 2015 on the “right” foot or not. Okay, enough weird analysis. Let’s begin the post! Continue reading “Days 117-120: Starting on a Good Foot”