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Days 172-175: Goodbye, Israel

Well, my time in Europe came to an end, and so must my time in Israel, and this blog. This will be my last travel post, followed by a final thoughts post. Here we go… Continue reading Days 172-175: Goodbye, Israel


Days 150 & 151: Moving Out

By the time I post this, I will no longer have a place to live in Israel. I am writing this at Ben Gurion airport waiting for my flight. I spent last night at Amy’s apartment, which was nice, but still, not my own place. I mean, I’m glad to be out of my hellish apartment (as I was leaving, I saw mold growing again….yes, for a third time), but it’s weird that for the next month, I will be country hopping, from friends’ homes to hostels. For those that don’t know, I officially return back to Los Angeles on March 1st. Insane how quickly time went by. Here’s how moving out went. Continue reading Days 150 & 151: Moving Out