Day 171: Hungry for Hungary, Part 2

So I’m going to warn you now that my second day was not as exciting as my first day, because I spent the first half of the day not feeling well. But I tried to salvage as much as I could and enjoy my last full day in Europe. To read about day 1, CLICK HERE. And here we go! Continue reading “Day 171: Hungry for Hungary, Part 2”

Day 168: Very Viennese, Part 2

So if you really want to read about my first day in Vienna, you can, but you can also just as easily skip it. It is only the story of me getting to Vienna and me eating dinner. My dad says that my blog has basically just become a food blog, but I mean when there’s nothing else to report on, what do you do? Okay, rant over. I’ll link to part 1 HERE, but again, you don’t NEED to read it. But this day you should continue racing about! This day was super magical and fun, despite the poor weather! Okay, here we go! Continue reading “Day 168: Very Viennese, Part 2”