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Thanksgiving 2017

November was a bit of a crazy month. There were a few fun things that happened, but overall, I spent the majority of it stressing out (yikes) and preparing to move (yay). But that didn’t mean I couldn’t celebrate my favorite holiday with both my family and Adam’s family. Oh yes, two Thanksgiving meals. I was very full.

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I Moved! Again!

Well, I officially gave back the keys to my West Hollywood apartment and closed the chapter of living on the West Side of LA. Over Thanksgiving weekend, I officially moved into my new, one-bedroom apartment in Sherman Oaks! Yes, I moved right back to where I’d left in the first place, but I’m so beyond happy about it! I have so much room to entertain now that I will obviously be having some shindigs in the near future. Stay tuned!

-Girl in Sherman Oaks 🙂