Sandersons Back, Alright!

And yet….another musical. But this one was just a bit different. See below what I mean!

Thursday, 10/26/2017

I saw that there were tickets for just $7.50 so something called The Unauthorized Musical Parody of: Hocus Pocus. I mean, I obviously couldn’t say no. Wrangling in my musical-loving partner-in-crime was not very difficult, so we set out for a wonderful evening.

We were among the first people to arrive at “Rockwell,” a restaurant that also has a great stage in the back. On the table were playbills, which on the back included fun Hocus Pocus-themed cocktails! We ordered some food and drinks while waiting for the show to begin.


We had two minor celebrity sightings prior to the show beginning: Kenny Ortega, the film’s director, and Lucas Grabeel of High School Musical fame! We only fangirled a little bit, and the alcohol made it way better.

The show was HILARIOUS! I had no idea what to expect, but I was not disappointed. See some snippets below! I’ll definitely be heading back to the Rockwell for another unauthorized musical parody show!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂



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