Not 4 Years, 4 Life

I’ve once again fallen behind on this blog, but stay tuned for an end of year catch up! First up, girls night with some amazing sorority sisters!

Saturday, 10/7/2017

After staffing an event for a client all morning and afternoon, I was beyond ready to go out with some good friends–well, really family….sorority sisters! We decided to head to “Wildcraft,” a fun restaurant in Downtown Culver City. I helped myself to a delicious cocktail and a burrata pizza (guys, burrata is a gift to mankind), and hung out with some amazing ladies!

L to R: Dylan, Jordyn, Olivia, Lee, me, Sam

img_0342We had a hilarious (and cute) waiter who we asked to join in on our photo. It ended in a great result of him taking a video of himself.

After eating our fill, we decided that the night was still young, so we ended up walking to a fun speakeasy called “Blind Barber.” An actual barbershop during the day, behind closed curtains opens up into a cavernous bar with whimsical drinks. After walking almost a mile in my heeled boots, I got tired pretty quickly and headed out for the evening. Overall, a really fun night!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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