This is How We Roll

I tried that rolled ice cream that’s making its way across Instagram. Spoiler alert: it was underwhelming, but my company was not!

Wednesday, 9/27/2017

My plans changed suddenly, and Shoshana invited me over to her place to look at bridesmaid dress swatches (eeeeeeep). After a short debate, the three of us (Allen included) walked to go get dinner in their neighborhood! We ended up at “Malibu Eatery,” a fast casual restaurant with tacos and bowls! I ended up getting a bowl with grilled salmon, and it was really great!

We then walked a bit down the street to find some dessert. We stumbled upon “Cold Rolled Ice Cream,” whose name I believe is self-explanatory. I ordered a strawberry ice cream base with nutella drizzle and Ferrero Roche. In all honesty, the experience of watching it being made was way better than the product itself. It was good for about five bites, but for $7, it was way overpriced. Although I did get some nice photo ops.

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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