Around the Culinary World

I feel like I should just reintroduce this as a food blog, because 90% of the posts are me eating. Anyway, shocker, I ate some more food!

Saturday, 9/16/2017

After grading tests at my taekwondo studio (and casually running into Mayim Bialik and telling her she is my Jewish/feminist icon–YES THIS HAPPENED YOU GUYS), I headed over with two of my fellow black belts to grab some Mexican food in honor of National Guacamole Day! Nothing like some delicious table-side guac to make a good day even better!


For dinner, we hopped across the Atlantic Ocean to Little Ethiopia! Adam found another gem listed on food critic Jonathan Gold’s list: “Meals by Genet.” Meals by Genet is nestled in between about a dozen other restaurants on Fairfax Ave., but it’s no doubt the best on the block. It was rather ambitious of us to attempt to dine without a reservation at 7:15 on a Saturday night, but we were seated in just five minutes. Following the waiter’s recommendation, we ordered their famous Dorowot, along with beef tibs and a vegetarian combo. There were no utensils, just the signature bread and our fingers to serve ourselves. It. Was. Amazing! Just trust me on this one.

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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