What better way to get in the fall mood than by watching a movie in a cemetery?

Saturday, 9/2/2017

Even though the calendar flipped over to September, the weather did not get the message. Labor Day weekend was a SCORCHER. I’m talking over 100 degrees every day. And since my apartment does not have central A/C, I hid at my parents’ and at Adam’s for the majority of the weekend.

However, despite the intense heat, I was very excited for the evening’s plans. I rallied my friends Shoshana, Jordyn and Jesse to see Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone at the famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery! The event was called “Cinespia,” and they are one of a few organizations in the LA area that puts on outdoor movies during the summer.

I picked up some sandwiches, Shoshana brought cheese and crackers, and Jesse brought cookies and wine. We. Were. Ready. Of course I decided to wear one of my Harry Potter shirts and my Hufflepuff prefect badge to mark the occasion. Oh, and I brought my wand. We stuffed ourselves with cheese, crackers and other snacks while we waited for the venue to open.


Once the gates opened, we headed inside, bags of food in tow. We found a pretty good spot dead center on the lawn and ate our dinner and drank our wine. The movie started at 8:30, and fortunately it had cooled down to a bearable temperature.


Wands (and glasses) at the ready, the movie began, and I realized how well I actually knew the movie. I recited nearly every line, and I hope I didn’t annoy my friends TOO much.

Overall, a really fun evening, and a quintessential LA night. Here’s to the next one!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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