Give Them Something to Taco ’bout

Here’s a quick post about my weekend, so I came up with a clever food-related title. Hope you like it.

Saturday, 8/19/2017

Adam and I attempted to go to an arcade/Asian restaurant in Echo Park for dinner, but upon walking into the establishment, we were overwhelmed by the amount of people and loud music. So we ventured down the road to “Guisados,” an easygoing taco place. I let Adam to the ordering, and he may have gone a biiiit overboard. He ordered eight tacos, a quesadilla and a chicken tamale. Everything was absolutely delicious though, and very affordable! Tacos start at just $2.95 a piece. My favorites were the steak picado and quesadilla!

Sunday, 8/20/2017

After a fun workout class lead by my trainer Erik, Adam and I headed to get some brunch at “Blu Jam Cafe.” The place is usually packed, so be sure to get there early! The food is delicious. And yes, Adam and I are kind of adorable for working out together.

Afterwards, Chelsea invited a few of us over to her parents to celebrate her birthday poolside! Her dad barbecued burgers for us and, guys, I actually got tan! Well my skin became fractionally darker. It was a lovely afternoon, and the perfect end to a relaxing weekend!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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