Omigod You Guys

Yes, I saw another musical. Is anyone surprised?

Friday, 8/18/2017

The day began very strangely. My office was placed on a lock-down due to a crazy man yelling about a bomb on a bus that was just passing by our building. So for about two hours, no one got any work done, and once the lock-down was lifted, we ordered pizza to brighten the mood. I was beyond ready for the week to be over, so the majority of us headed out at around 3:30pm.

Fortunately, I had just the thing to start the weekend off on the right foot: a musical! But not just any musical, Legally Blonde! It was playing at a very small theater in North Hollywood called “Cupcake Studios.” So I recruited Danelle (obviously) and Melissa into seeing it with me, and I wore a pink shirt for the occasion (my only pink shirt, mind you).

First off was a quick dinner at “Republic of Pie,” a fun little coffee shop with about 20 types of pie! Oh, and real food too. Danelle and I shared a chicken pesto wrap and a slice of key lime pie. Excellent life choices. We then popped over to the theater for the show!

Omigod you guys, it was AMAZING! The songs are all still stuck in my head as I’m writing this. There were a few sound issues (as to be expected from a smaller production), but at just $30 a ticket this was a total steal. They are going to be performing The Little Mermaid next and I have no idea how they’re going to fit all the characters and props onto the stage, but I will be there for it. Stay tuned!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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