Baes in the Bu

For Mel’s birthday, she wanted to have a nice girls weekend in Malibu!

Friday, 8/11/2017

Mel, Melissa, Devon and I decided that a girl weekend in Malibu would be the perfect little staycation, and with Mel’s birthday coming up, we had the perfect occasion. Melissa found a rental on HomeAway and the weekend was all set! We left work a bit early and drove to Malibu, with a myriad of drinks and snack in tow. We also deemed it a no-makeup weekend, which I was ALL ABOUT.

The condo we were staying at had a gorgeous view of the beach and the mountains. We cracked open some wine, cheese and crackers, and just thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! We took a long walk down to the beach and played in the sand at sunset.

Saturday, 8/12/2017

The next day, we woke up a bit later and Mel made us some scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. It was nice and overcast, the perfect hiking weather! We then put on our hiking clothes, got some coffee from Starbucks, and headed to the Santa Monica Mountains! The particular hike we did was the Solstice Canyon Loop Trail. It took us up a relatively easy path to the ruins of a house that burned down 30+ years ago, right next to a waterfall. It was really calm and beautiful, and the clouds burned away just as we were finishing the hike.

We then headed back to the condo to change for the beach! We grabbed sandwiches from Ralph’s, an experience that could get its own blog post but I’ll spare you the gritty details, and zoomed off to Zuma! Armed with mountains of sunscreen, we braved the intense waves and laid out in the sun, chatting, reading, and RELAXING.

After a few hours, we headed back to our condo and jumped in the pool. We munched on some snacks poolside, and then headed inside to shower and eat some dinner! Mel had some steaks that were given to her at work, so she cooked those up with some orange cauliflower and onions. Delicious! We then all got a bit tipsy, played King’s Cup and Cards Against Humanity, and ordered some ice cream for delivery. A wonderful night!

We headed out the next morning after some more eggs and toast, fully relaxed from a weekend with no responsibilities. Amazing.

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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