Elphaba Returns

The best cure to Mondays are musicals, alcohol, and good friends.

Monday, 8/7/2017

I know for a fact I’ve talked about Musical Mondays at RAGE, lovingly referred to MuMo by its regulars. But this time was so much fun. I was joined by my Maria, Hallie and Adam’s sister Romy! (Oh, and of course Danelle, who is literally always there). Romy actually went to the same college as me, AND she worked with Hallie as a resident adviser in the dorms! It’s a true wonder that Adam and I hadn’t met before this past January…

It was a particularly rough day at work, so I was ready to kick back, have a few drinks, and enjoy the evening.

L to R: Hallie, Romy, me, and Maria

We got a few food dishes to share, including my all-time favorite nachos. Each chip has every single topping piled on top–revolutionary! My drink for the evening was rum with pineapple juice, the poor girl’s pina colada.

I was once again pulled up to play Elphaba for a rendition of Defying Gravity, as none of my companions were willing to participate (also being tipsy really helped). See me in all my Wicked glory below! (And read here about my first time as Elphaba, almost exactly one year before!)

The show ended around 10:30pm and we all went our separate ways, our hearts and stomachs happy. Looking forward to returning to MuMo very soon!

-Girl in Los Angeles

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