Drag Queen Bingo

Birthday season continued, with a very fun evening in West Hollywood!

Thursday, 8/3/2017
Birthday girl Melissa being “Mary”

It was Melissa’s 25th birthday, and she decided that the perfect evening would be to go to “Hamburger Mary’s” for their legendary Drag Queen Bingo! What is Drag Queen Bingo, you ask? Well, it’s bingo…hosted by fabulous drag queens. There were four of us in attendance: Melissa (obviously), Mel, Chelsea and me.

img_9913I was sadly on antibiotics, so I couldn’t drink, but had I been able to, I 100% would’ve ordered a delicious cocktail in their famous “legs.” This was the SMALL one. I posed with Mel’s because of course.

After receiving our drinks, bingo began. It. Was. Epic. Dirty jokes abounded, lots of drunken cheers, and loads of fun. Honestly, you may just have to experience it for yourself. But here’s a fun little clip of all of the birthday celebrants getting spanked by a drag queen, Melissa included!


None of us won a game of bingo, sadly, but the memories were prize enough! Such a fun evening with three of my best friends. At the end, the waiter brought out a piece of cake with a giant sparkler for Melissa. We loudly sang for her.


I fully expect to come back to Hamburger Mary’s for bingo, so stay tuned for that, and for the rest of my adventures from this summer!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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