Labyrinth and Lasers

My Saturday took me all around Los Angeles, experiencing fun new places and reliving my childhood all in one day!

Saturday, 7/29/2017

After a great workout in the morning, I caught my breath, showered, and then Adam and I headed to Downtown LA. Despite both of us growing up in LA, neither of us had spent much time downtown, and we were both eager to explore. Our first stop of the day was the famous “Grand Central Market,” an indoor/outdoor food market that’s been an LA staple since 1917.

We wandered around a bit before landing on “La Tostaderia,” a new addition to the market with fresh fish tacos and ceviche. They offered a sample platter for $15, which included one of each of their four tacos (fish, shrimp, octopus, and “gringo”) and a helping of their fish and shrimp ceviches. Now, normal people would have shared this offering, but as both Adam and I came with big appetites, we each got one. Every bite was absolutely delicious! My favorite was the shrimp taco, which came with a sweet mango relish.

After eating our fill, we walked around downtown in a disgusting heat. Fortunately, our next stop was just a few blocks away, “The Last Bookstore.” I’d heard great things about this LA staple, and was excited to check it out for myself. My favorite part was the “Labyrinth,” which consisted of mazes of bookshelves and sculptures made out of books. Adam tolerated my need to capture the day and posed for some photo ops. Guys, he’s a keeper.

We then hopped back in the car to the valley, where we hid in the cool air conditioning and binged The Handmaid’s Tale, our newest obsession.

But my day was far from over! My little sister Hallie told me that all she wanted for her birthday was to feel like a kid again, and to play some epic games of laser tag! The only place we both knew of was just down the street from my parents’ house, quite convenient for me.

There were four of us, including two of Hallie’s high school friends, Annie and Shira. We played three full games of laser tag, and fortunately were placed on teams with other adults and not obnoxious children. It. Was. So. Fun! We took a quick snack/late dinner break after game #2 at “Mr. Furley’s Bar,” a very fun beer bar right across the street. We ended the evening at around 11:00pm, exhausted but with huge smiles on our faces!

L to R: Shira, Annie, Hallie and me

It was such an amazing day, but I was so excited to crawl into bed and sleep in the next day. Till the next fun adventure!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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