All I Do is Eat Eat Eat No Matter What

I spent the weekend eating a lot of food–some good, some not so good, but all with fun company!

Friday, 7/21/2017: Taste on Melrose

After a fun but busy week, I met up with Mel and Devon to check out the DineLA menu at “Taste on Melrose.” I’d never been there before, and was not disappointed! We shared three tasty appetizers: fried green tomato with burrata, grilled peach and ricotta salad, and tuna tartar. I got a stuffed chicken breast for my entree, which was very juicy and flavorful. For dessert I got their signature chocolate brioche bread pudding, which I would eat again in a heartbeat. Overall, a fun Friday night with friends!

Saturday, 7/22/2017: Il Piccolino and Kobee Factory

My day started off with a bit of a wrench thrown into it: I lost my wallet. With nothing to do but put it out of my mind for the time being, I headed off to lunch with my dad’s family at “Il Piccolino” in West Hollywood. There were 11 of us: the four in my family, my grandparents, my aunt, uncle and three cousins. Whenever we all get together, it’s usually for a special occasion, and my grandma usually plans some sort of game. This time, my grandma selected a famous person for each of us to try and guess. I lost, being unable to guess Walt Disney, despite my brother exclaiming “it’s an area of your expertise!” Absolutely hilarious. The food at Il Piccolino is just so-so, and the prices are way too high. It was over $20 for a caprese salad with some berries, not worth it at all. I suggest you find another Italian restaurant, as there are plenty in the area.

Afterwards, I set out to find my wallet, a task more difficult than expected. I thought I had left it at Adam’s apartment, but when he couldn’t find it, panic mode set in a bit. Fortunately, he was able to calm me down, and I called “Taste on Melrose,” where they had found my wallet and placed it in their safe. Relief washed over my body, and Adam drove me to go pick it up. Guys, he’s the best.

He then told me about a restaurant he’d heard about on a podcast featuring renowned food critic Jonathan Gold. It was called “Kobee Factory” in Van Nuys, a tiny little hole-in-the-wall serving up authentic Syrian food. We tried two of the dishes Mr. Gold had recommeded: kobee (pronounced kee-beh), which are meat filled pockets with a falafel-like consistency, and mjadara (mah-ja-dar-ah), lentils and bulgar wheat topped with crispy onions. Each dish was served with sides of cucumbers in yogurt, hummus, and pita. IT WAS BOMB.


We spent a bit of time talking with the woman at the counter, who I assumed was an owner or manager. She said that Jonathan comes to the restaurant about three times a month, and that they’re going to be catering an event for him in September for 500 people. Clearly you know this food is good! Don’t just take my word for it–go try this place out for yourself!

Sunday, 7/23/2017: The Counter, Shopping, and Girls Night

I had a very busy day on Sunday–busy but totally fun! I began with having lunch with Zach and our long-time housekeeper Juanita at “The Counter” location in Studio City. They have really delicious (and filling) burgers that you can turn into a salad bowl. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already, there are locations everywhere! The three of us had a lovely time catching up and enjoying each other’s company.

I then headed all the way to Culver City to meet up with Shoshana and Allen for an afternoon of shopping! They were taking their engagement photos the following weekend, and Shoshana elected me as her personal stylist, and I was more than happy to accept that title. Although we lost Allen an hour in, Shoshana and I were extremely successful and found her three separate outfits to wear at the photo shoot! I seriously cannot wait for their wedding next May 🙂

Finally, it was time for a potluck girls night dinner at Chelsea’s. It was us, Melissa and Mel, and we’re trying to make these dinners more of a regular thing moving forward, as we don’t see nearly enough of each other! Chelsea made an arugula, goat cheese and strawberry salad with homemade dressing, and also a gluten free pasta with broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese. Melissa made roasted broccolini with chicken apple sausage. Mel brought some delicious watermelon and blueberries with mint. And I was the lazy (read: busy) one who picked up some chocolate lava cakes from Trader Joe’s. Needless to say we all ate extremely well that night.

A fun, food-filled weekend all around LA. Here’s to the next one!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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