Back in the City of Angels

Finally home from Italy and over jet lag, it was time for some fun LA adventures!

Sunday, 7/16/2017

img_9768I pretty much spent my first week back sleeping and hiding away from the real world. I finally mustered up enough energy to make real plans! First of the day was celebrating my friend, and Shoshana’s fiancee, Allen’s birthday! Adam and I headed over to their apartment for a nice barbecue with some close friends.

It was nice catching up and eating some yummy food! And of course, spending time with this handsome guy. I think we’re pretty darn cute together 🙂

We then said our goodbyes and I headed all the way across LA to my aunt and uncle’s house for a family dinner! We had three days in between our various vacations, so obviously we had to get together. My cousin Andrew had just returned home from a month at sleep-away camp, and he promptly fell asleep at 5:30pm on the couch. It was hilarious. We ate our fill, sang a belated happy birthday to my mom, and headed home for the evening.

Stay tuned for some more summer fun! So far, it’s been a great summer and I can’t wait to continue with this positive momentum!

-Girl (back) in Los Angeles 🙂

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