Famiglia in Italia, Day 11

Our vacation sadly had to come to an end, but we definitely went out with a bang!

Saturday, 7/8/2017

For the last day of our vacation, we woke up a bit later and headed out to the center of Venice. We were then shown to a mall, which had a gorgeous panoramic observation deck. It was spectacular! See below!

We then wandered around Venice at our leisure, stopping to take in the sights and trying to beat the heat!

We worked up our appetites just in time to sit down for a wonderful lunch at a restaurant my mom found on TripAdvisor, “Ristorante al Corner.” They had a deal going on with TheFork where you get 20% if you book through them online! We were the only people in the restaurant, which made me a little apprehensive, but all of my doubts were washed away immediately. This may have been my favorite meal of the entire trip! We ordered bruschetta and caprese to share, and I got a homemade pasta dish with lobster. It was FANTASTIC. We ended the meal with delicious tiramisu and some limoncello.

We bought some souvenirs for friends and family back home and made our way back to the ship for the Captain’s farewell dinner. Everyone got all dressed up again and we said our goodbyes to one another.

Our first flight home (of three–oy) left very early Sunday morning, so we headed to bed early. I’m so grateful that my amazing parents took my brother and I on this wonderful vacation! It was definitely one of my favorites!

Hope you all enjoyed reading this recap of my Italian vacation! Here’s to the next adventure!

-Girl in Italy 🙂

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