Famiglia in Italia, Day 10

Day 10 was spent island hopping around Venice, and it was absolutely wonderful!

Friday, 7/7/2017

With just two full days left of our vacation, including day 10, we wanted to make sure we were making the most of every moment left. Our cruise offered a full day island-hopping tour, so we of course signed up. The island we’d be visiting were Torcello, Mazzorbo and Burano, and I was beyond excited!

Stop #1: Torcello. About an hour’s boat ride from the center of Venice, and with a population of just eight people, we knew it would be an interesting stop. We stepped off the boat on Torcello and IT WAS HOT. I pretty much immediately started sweating, and felt mosquitoes bite my legs constantly. Gotta love humid climates with lots of water, am I right?

We were once again joined by Susan, the amazing guide who showed us around St. Mark’s Basilica on day 6. She showed us around the Torcello Cathedral, which was nowhere near the spectacle of St. Mark’s, but Susan truly brought it to life. We then had the option to climb to the top of the tower, which was the highest point on the island. My dad and Zach chose to just get get some coffee and cookies, while my mom and I trekked to the top. We got some very amazing views!

img_9587Then we climbed back down and were met with complimentary cookies! There was also coffee and hot tea, but I just downed a pitcher of ice water.

Stop #2: Mazzorbo. On Mazzorbo we were treated to a little wine tasting. While I personally didn’t like the wine, it was still a very fun experience. We then wandered around the grounds of the vineyard, which seemed like they could’ve been in the middle of Tuscany, rather than on the Venice Lagoon! It was absolutely beautiful!

Stop #3: Burano. I think Burano may have been the place I was most excited to see. Known for its colorful houses and handmade lace, this was definitely a place I could’ve spent waaaay more time in. We started with lunch at a local favorite called “Trattoria da Romano.” Their risotto was heavenly, with each of us scarfing down every bite alongside a carafe of wine.

Then we had some time to wander around the streets of Burano. It was rather warm (okay, that’s an understatement), but I savored every moment in this colorful place. So gorgeous!

After a very eventful day, we headed back onto the ship! Definitely one of my favorite days of the trip, despite spending the majority of it with sweat dropping down my face. Stay tuned for the last day of our trip!

-Girl in Italy 🙂

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