Famiglia in Italia, Day 9

We decided to join the family program for day 9, because who doesn’t want to hang out with some cute little children? Also we ate a lot of mussels.

 Thursday, 7/6/2017

So it was another one of those days where everyone had to leave the ship so the boat could go across the Adriatic Sea. This time there were only two options:

  1. Walking tour of Chioggia and a trip to the fish market — since we’d all seen all of Chioggia, we were hoping the second option would be more interesting
  2. Bike ride to Sottomarina Beach with a mussel harvest and lunch — this was actually the family program, but we were able to finagle our way into this one since we’re technically a family!

There was an alternative option for those who didn’t want to/couldn’t ride bikes, which was to first wander around the open market (basically like an Israeli shuk, with many things for sale amidst a load of chaos) and then a mini-bus ride to the beach. My family all chose to bike ride, leaving me to hang out with the kids and their parents. It was here that I really got to know some wonderful people on our cruise!

We arrived at Sottomarina Beach and had a long walk to where we would be having our lunch. There were little shacks situated right on the beach, each a small restaurant serving up seafood that they catch fresh daily. I was very glad to find out we were heading to one of them! We met up with the bike riders and all sat down for a nice seafood lunch! We thought we would be cleaning our own mussels and clams, but honestly, I was glad that wasn’t part of this afternoon. It was nice to just have a relaxing afternoon.

When we sat down, bottles of prosecco were placed on the table (of course) and we all raised our glasses. Then a large bowl of mussels was placed in front of each person! I dug in, savoring every deliciously fresh bite. They were the best mussels I’d ever had, and probably ever will have. My stomach full, the waiters then placed a plate of seafood pasta in front of everyone. We were all shocked! None of us had any idea we’d be getting a second course. It wasn’t the best plate of pasta I’d had on this trip, but the seafood was absolutely wonderful.

Our stomachs full, we all walked back to the mini-buses and bikes, and eventually back onto the boat, which was docked back in our first Venice port. We all showered, napped and ate dinner, excited for the next day!

-Girl in Italy 🙂

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