Famiglia in Italia, Day 8

Day 8 of my vacation may have introduced me to my new favorite city and a place I certainly plan on visiting again: Bologna!

Wednesday, 7/5/2017

Bologna might just be my new favorite place, as I mentioned above. As I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, I love food. And Bologna has some of the best. With over 90 different types of pasta being made in this city, and the home of parmagiano reggiano, I knew I had found my happy place (other than Disneyland, of course).

We wandered around the streets of Bologna on a tour, looking through dozens of shop windows as my stomach growled at each one. I loved every second.

We stopped for a mid-morning snack and drink at a fun little food market. Zach got some delicious pesto noodles, and the rest of us had glasses of rosé! Then we met back up with the group for a walk over to “Cantina Bentivoglio” for a pasta making demonstration and homemade pasta lunch!

You guys, this was so much fun! Plus, I got to make a tortelloni, a cheese-stuffed pasta that is larger than a tortellini (now you can see how they have so many different kinds of pasta, right?). See a few snapshots below!

After the demo, we all sat down for a wonderful lunch of bruschetta and two kinds of pasta: tagliatelle bolognese (NEVER mention spaghetti bolognese in Bologna–it’s basically sacrilegious) and tortelloni with marinara. I got the recipe for the bolognese sauce, so hopefully one day I’ll make it and let you guys know how it is. See photos of the delicious feast below. They don’t look like much, but it was wonderful.

We got back to the boat later in the day, our stomachs full and my heart very happy. I took a nice long shower and a nap while the boat sailed for a bit. We had another great dinner and played Shanghai, and then headed off to sleep. Stay tuned for day 9!

-Girl in Italy 🙂

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