Famiglia in Italia, Day 7

For the 4th of July, we split up for the day. Here’s how day 7 with my dad went!

Tuesday, 7/4/2017

I’m no stranger to spending Independence Day outside of the United States. Today, the entire boat had to get off, as the ship was not allowed to move with passengers across the Adriatic Sea. Don’t ask me why. So in honor of America’s birthday, I donned my Yankees cap and headed out!

For some reason, the boat is not allowed to sail across the Adriatic Sea with passengers, so everyone had to get off the boat today. There were three options for the day:

  1. A bike ride around Chioggia (pronounced key-oh-jah) — I’m not the strongest bike rider, so I chose to skip this option. My mom and Zach did it and had a wonderful time!
  2. A trip to the city of Padua, complete with visits to churches — didn’t really feel like spending the day wandering around more churches.
  3. A walking tour of Chioggia and a bragozzo ride (wooden sailing boat) to the fishing village of Pellestrina — obviously my only true option!

My dad and I joined a nice walking tour around the city of Chioggia, a small town with just one main street running through it. We always have a fun time together, no matter where, so we just enjoyed the day, walking in as much shade as we could.

We then got on the bragozzo for a fun ride over to Pellestrina, a small fishing village home to just five (large) families. Our bragozzo captain played very loud Italian music the whole way there. It was a ton of fun!

We arrived in Pellestrina as the only tourists. We were given an inordinate amount of time to explore such a small island, an hour and a half, so we first stopped for an afternoon drink: beer for dad, wine for me. After finishing our beverages, we wandered around a bit before coming across a gorgeous beach. We sat down and enjoyed the lovely sea breeze. (Thankfully not pictured: the topless middle-aged Italian woman relaxing on the beach).

We soaked up the sun before rejoining the rest of the group. Another ride back on the bragozzo and we were back in Chioggia, where we met up with my mom and Zach. We explored a few of the shops before hopping on a bus back to our boat’s new location.

Then it was time for the official Captain’s welcome dinner! Even though it was our third night on the ship, it was the first normal evening. Everyone got dressed up for the occasion, and prosecco was handed out like nobody’s business.

We dined on a delicious five course meal and raised a glass to freedom and a wonderful vacation! Stay tuned for day 8, arguably my favorite day of the vacation!

-Girl in Italy 🙂

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