Famiglia in Italia, Day 6

Our first full day in Venice had its ups and downs, but ended on a high! Read below to hear all about day 6!

Monday, 7/3/2017
Our ride on the water taxi!

We began the day early with breakfast on the ship, and then all of us hopped into water taxis! Our tour for the morning was of the Doge’s Palace.

Now, as long as I have a good guide, a place can be extremely boring but I stay happy and entertained. Unfortunately, our guide was rather boring and monotonous, making the tour drag on and on. I honestly can’t even tell you what a Doge is, and I spent two hours wandering around the palace. But here are a few pictures!

When we finished at the palace, we wandered through St. Mark’s Square and then around Venice. I turned off our guide’s narration with about 45 minutes to go, because I wanted to enjoy my first time in the city.

Three hours after we began, we arrived back on the boat for lunch. All of us were  disappointed with how the morning had gone, and just wanted to wash away the feeling. Fortunately, at around 2pm, when we arrived in the main lobby, there were fun cocktails for everyone! The ones we grabbed were called “Venice Lagoons,” which were yummy Italian prosecco with blue curacao. My parents and I went up to the roof of the boat, drank our cocktails and I listened to my podcast. It was a lovely afternoon!


After a quick dinner, there was an optional tour to St. Mark’s Basilica. We were told that this guide was MUCH better, and headed back to St. Mark’s Square. Sadly, we were not allowed to take pictures inside, but our guide, Susan, was truly WONDERFUL! She brought the glittering gold mosaics on the walls and ceiling to life. We were so glad that we decided to go on this tour!

I’m the designated selfie-taker for our family now

We then wandered around Venice a bit, got ourselves some yummy gelato, and headed back to the boat. Our family tradition on cruises is to play a game called “Shanghai,” which is a type of rummy game. We enjoyed this in the lounge area to some soft piano tunes.


It was a mixed welcome to Venice, but the end of the day made me extremely excited to explore the rest of the city. Stay tuned!

-Girl in Italy 🙂

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