Famiglia in Italia, Day 5

With day 5 we left Milan and headed to our river cruise on the Po! But not before a few fun stops along the way. Read below!

Sunday, 7/2/2017

Happy Birthday to my mom! Our summer vacations usually coincide with her birthday (what, with her being the one that plans them all).

We said goodbye to Milan and stepped onto the bus. First stop? Verona! Arguably one of the most romantic cities in the world, and home to Romeo and Juliet, I was beyond excited to stop here. We went on a nice walking tour and visited Juliet’s balcony, as well as her statue. Legend says that if you touch Juliet’s breast, you will find your true love, and if you touch her hand, you will be rich…but if you touch them both they cancel each other out. I went for the boob, so we’ll see what happens 😉

img_9189We then wandered all around the city of Verona, where we found a gorgeous jewelry store called “MineraliA,” where I bought my mom some amethyst and garnet earrings for her birthday!

We then resumed our tour of Verona with the guide, where we saw the main town square, the amphitheater, the Castelvecchio, and the CUTEST dog in the entire world! She was a lagotto romangolo, and I sweat that will be the next dog my parents get.

Then it was time to get back on the bus and continue our journey towards Venice! Next stop was for lunch at a gorgeous winery, “Serego Alighieri.” They specialize in Amarone wines, and we got to taste four of them with our lunch! It was one of the most incredible meals I’ve ever had. We started with some homemade foccacia, and then went right into our first course: amarone-braised risotto. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Give me a vat of that to live off of for the rest of my life and I will be a happy woman. Next up was the course, veal with spinach and mashed potatoes. Also absolutely amazing! Last up was a chocolate mousse and strawberry cake, which was the perfect note to end the meal on! Also included though? Grappa, a grape-based liquor. I do not recommend you try it, but if you absolutely must, have some water ready to wash it down.

Then there was a tour around the winery. Not going to lie, I was a bit buzzed, so I may have just wandered off to get some pretty scenery photos.

After a nice nap on the bus, we finally arrived at our boat in Venice! After a nice shower and change of clothes, we headed off to our first dinner aboard the River Countess! They even brought my mom a cake for her birthday!

With all food and drink included on this river cruise, we knew we were in for a relaxing week. Now for some fun Venetian adventures!

-Girl in Italy 🙂

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