Famiglia in Italia, Day 2

Read all about day 2 of my Italian vacation below! Definitely a better day than the one before, and a wonderful true beginning to our trip.

Thursday, 6/29/2017

The jet lag had me up with the sun, but I was very excited to begin our first real day of our vacation! We had breakfast in the resort, and then wandered around the property a bit to admire the  lovely, non-rainy scenery.

hopped in our tiny rental car to drive to Lake Como. The weather was in our favor today, which was very helpful for my dad, who had to drive the windy, narrow streets of the Italian countryside. About an hour of driving, and we arrived at beautiful Lake Como!

The sun was shining on the lake and we took advantage of the many photo ops. Then it was time for a drink….at 11:30am. #vacationmode


In Italy, when you order a drink, many places will give you a bowl of chips instead of pretzels or nuts, which I found interesting and tasty. I had another glass of rose, because it’s the perfect thing to have on a warm Italian day.

My mom then looked on TripAdvisor to find our lunch spot. It was a small restaurant called “La Vita e Bella,” which had a great view of the lake. Unfortunately, all of the outdoor tables were taken, so we settled for their indoor seating, which was nice and air conditioned. This restaurant was known for it’s over 60 kinds of salads, but of course what caught my eye was their pasta of the day: pesto with roasted vegetables. Of course, we got some more wine and a caprese salad to share.

The food was light and fresh, totally delicious! The mozzarella of this caprese was particularly tasty, and the tomatoes were very juicy and seasoned well. We very quickly gobbled the whole thing up. I can’t remember if I finished this pasta or not, but I do remember enjoying every bite I took. We then walked our food off as we meandered a mile back to our car (we did quite a bit of walking on this trip).

Then we drove our car to another part of the lake to a city called Bellagio. We didn’t spend any time in Bellagio, but instead drove our car onto a ferry that went right across Lake Como. On our way (both by car and ferry) we saw some beautiful sights, just as it began to drizzle a bit.

img_8984We arrived back at our resort around 4:30pm, just in time for a wine tasting! It was supposed to take place in a cave on the resort’s property, however it was pouring BUCKETS. I’d honestly never seen such intense rain. So instead of the cave, it took place in the resort’s main restaurant, where we’d had breakfast earlier that morning. The wines were good, but what was equally as enjoyable was our conversation with the other couple who attended. They were a fun Danish couple who had driven from Copenhagen so that they could bring their dog!

After a quick rest in our suite, it was time to head to dinner in Cima, which was the official town where the resort was. My mom had found “La Taverna” on TripAdvisor (you may sense a theme here). It was a fun place packed with locals, which is how we knew it would be a good meal. Trying to keep things simple, we ordered an eggplant parmigiana to share, and I got a margherita pizza. Both were amazing! The tomato sauce was rich and flavorful, which truly made both dishes. When it came time for dessert, we asked the waitress for her favorite, and she said their cherry cheesecake. This was pretty underwhelming, but at least it looked pretty.

And thus ended our last full day on the lakes! Up next? Milan! Stay tuned.

-Girl in Italy 🙂

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