Famiglia in Italia, Day 1

Now that I’m (sadly) home from my family vacation, it is time to recount my amazing travels! Much like my 2015 travels, I’m going to give you one post a day from my time in the glorious country of Italy! Hope you enjoy as much as I did 🙂

Wednesday, 6/28/2017

Day 1 was a very long day of traveling. We left LA the previous day at 8AM and arrived at the Milan airport early afternoon on Wednesday. After a terrible encounter at the rental car place that left us with a tiny car, we piled in four suitcases and three large carry-ons and drove ourselves to the Parco San Marco resort on Lake Lugano!

Our suite had a gorgeous view of the lake, however, we weren’t expecting it to be absolutely pouring rain when we got there! It was a warmer rain, due to the humidity of Italy in summer, but it was totally insane.


img_8905After a nice shower, we headed to the lobby of the resort for some drinks and apertivo (aka, appetizers). It seemed fitting that the first thing I’d eat in Italy would be a caprese salad. And what could be more perfect than a glass of rose to go along with it?

We then wandered around the grounds of the resort (yes, in the rain) and found a few hidden gems, including a lovely koi pond and a statue garden! Had to stop for a photo op with this lovely lady below.

img_8907Although we were all totally exhausted, we then headed to one of the restaurants on the resort for dinner, “La Masseria.” The restaurant has a lovely patio area, however since it was still raining, we ate in their indoor seating, which was an intimate cave-like setting.


The bro and me! Can you tell how tired we are?

I ordered their homemade lasagna, which was absolutely delicious! Unfortunately in my tired state, I forgot to take a picture, but don’t worry, I have photographed the majority of the rest of my meals in Italy. After eating our fill, we headed off to sleep.


A bit of a rocky start to day 1 in Italy, but it only went up from there! Stay tuned for more!

-Girl in Italy 🙂

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