Pre-Vacation Weekend of Fun

Leading up to my Italian vacation, I had a wonderfully fun weekend!

Saturday, 6/24/2017

In another edition of very belated birthday presents, Melissa took me out for manicures! She made an appointment for us at “Olive and June” in Beverly Hills, and we chatted and were pampered. Melissa’s nails were a vibrant pink while I went with a summery coral, perfect for my vacation! We then had a quick lunch at “Il Tramezzino,” one of my favorites, and walked around Beverly Hills. It was a lovely afternoon with one of my oldest friends!

Then, Adam decided is was time for us to go on an “adventure,” so we headed to the Americana at Brand in Glendale for a walk around and a nice dinner. We ended up going to “Din Tai Fung,” a delicious dumpling restaurant that I’d been dying to try! It was totally worth having to walk around for an hour waiting for a table. I promise.

Sunday, 6/25/2017

img_8892As a birthday/graduation present for my brother, I decided it might be a fun idea for us to go see Book of Mormon! I loved it when I saw it in London in 2015, and thought Zach would like it as well. I have to be honest in that the show was not as funny the second time around, but it was still very good! Unfortunately, Zach did not feel the same. To make up for it, I took him to “Trejo’s Cantina” for a late lunch. We ate massive burritos and were very satisfied. Overall, a fun afternoon with my little bro!

Stay tuned for my Italy posts!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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