Brother’s Birthday

I don’t know about you, but my brother is feeling 22!

Thursday, 6/22/2017

For my 24th birthday last year, my parents took me to “Barton G.,” a fun restaurant in West Hollywood where the food comes out in elaborate decorations (and is actually very tasty). Zach was absent at that meal, so he decided to have his birthday dinner there!

img_8834We were sat at a table in the back with a good view of everything coming out of the kitchen. I started off my meal with a Moscow Mule, which came out smoking and with a giant light-up “G.” Very fun! From there, everything was super fun and delicious, from the donut-shaped cheddar cheese bread to the funnel cakes that came on a giant carnival game! See photos (and descriptions) below!


A super fun (and filling) evening with my family. Can’t wait for our vacation in Italy! Check the official countdown in the right sidebar–just two more days!

-Girl in Los Angeles πŸ™‚

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