Plant Nite

So I did Paint Nite. And now I’ve also done Plant Nite, which is far superior.

Tuesday, 6/20/2017

Before my birthday, Mel suggested taking me to “Plant Nite,” an iteration of Paint Nite where instead of following a painting, you create your own terrarium with small succulents. Obviously, I was game, but the most convenient time for us to do it was over a month later. So we anxiously awaited our evening until FINALLY it was time!

img_8803We arrived at “Qusqo Bistro and Gallery,” a Peruvian restaurant at the Santa Monica/Sawtelle border. Neither of us had tried Peruvian food before, so we went with fried plantains and two of the waitress’ suggestions: jumbo corn in a cheese sauce and potato puree with tuna. The plantains were delicious, which made us realize that we should have probably just trusted our instincts and ordered familiar things. The corn wasn’t bad, although it was rather soupy and not cheesy at all. The last dish, however, called “Causa Limena,” was very strange. We expected raw tuna, more of a ceviche-type dish, but we were presented with tuna salad and mashed potatoes. Not the worst thing I’ve ever eaten, but not something I’d order again. Next time, we get the calamari.

Once we had washed everything down with two glasses of sangria (each), it was time for the terrarium-making to begin! And OMG IT WAS SO FUN AND MY TERRARIUM IS THE CUTEST! I want to make so many more and just have them decorate everything. But I’m going to make sure I don’t kill this one by accident and then I can begin to think about having lots of cacti around my house and office.

Yes, there are plastic dinosaurs. I strategically placed the pterodactyl to be perched atop a rock overlooking its succulent kingdom. Anyway, highly recommend Plant Nite!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂


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