Storm Troopers and Tacos

When you find someone who will unapologetically take a picture with you and a storm trooper, hold onto them.

 Saturday, 6/17/2017

img_8762Another day, another makeover! My amazing stylist Gracie made me blonde(r) and I’m in love. It’ll be the perfect look for my Italy trip!

Afterwards, Adam picked me up and we headed to “Scum and Villainy Cantina,” the Star Wars-themed bar! As you know, this was my second time there, but it was Adam’s first time. As a fellow Star Wars lover, I knew Adam would need to experience this bar for himself.

We were running a little late, as people tend to do in Los Angeles, what with traffic and stupid drivers, but we finally arrived to what I thought was the entrance (well, it was the entrance the last time I was there). After pounding on the door for five minutes, we gave up and went around to the front…where we found the REAL entrance. Then, the night began.

I once again opted for the “Wretched Blue Milk,” aka a blue Pina Colada, and we danced a bit. People were way more dressed up than the last time I was there, so we made sure to take advantage of the photo opportunities.

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After our libations and pictures, we ventured elsewhere for food. Just a block away was “Trejo’s Cantina,” the taqueria owned by actor Danny Trejo. I had been dying to try this place for a while, and Adam was game, so the plan was set! We shared chips and guacamole, and I tried the brisket and fried chicken tacos, both absolutely delicious. We then got some frozen yogurt and attempted to walk home before realizing that it was too far to walk so we called a Lyft and headed to sleep. It was a wonderful date night with the best date!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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