Wonder Woman Wednesday

Adam and I went on our first date night in a long time and saw Wonder Woman and YOU GUYS SHOULD GO SEE IT.

Wednesday, 6/14/2017

Okay so before I tell you the story of us seeing Wonder Woman, I need to share a fun thing that happened during the day. I headed out on my lunch break and casually ran into Michael Rosenbaum (from Smallville and Impastor)! He was such a nice guy, and told me about a new podcast he’s going to be hosting called “Inside of You,” that debuts in July. Hilariously, though, I have actually met him before! But the true kicker? I was wearing the exact same shirt…. Sadly I don’t have a side-by-side picture to share, but you’ll see below that it’s the same shirt, and I promise I didn’t change clothes.

Moving on to the evening! Adam and I headed to The Grove for dinner and a movie. We stopped at “Loteria Grill” in the Farmer’s Market, one of my favorites, and strolled around the Grove, stopping for a sample piece of chocolate in See’s Candies, and then headed to the theater.

The ticket taker for the movie was a fellow taekwondo student at my studio, and we were both surprised to see each other out of context (and out of uniform). We then spotted a photo booth and hopped in to take a photo. A random teenager asked if he could take a picture with us. I asked him what he was filming it for, and he said nothing, although I saw his friends filming the entire thing on their phones. After we took an awkward picture with this random kid, he walked away, and Adam and I retook the photo and ended with the result below. I’m a little disappointed I didn’t save the photo with the random kid, but I’ll always have the hilarious memory.


Then it was time for the movie! No spoilers, because this is not that kind of blog, but you guys, Gal Gadot is actually a perfect human and I will fight anyone who disagrees with me. She is an amazingly beautiful person, inside and out, and is a wonderful representative of Israel! She truly is Wonder Woman! Okay, rant over.

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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