House of Galbi

It was time once again for a Korean BBQ night with my taekwondo friends!

Wednesday, 6/7/17

Although it took a while to find a date that worked, my taekwondo friends and I were finally able to land on a time to chow down on some delicious Korean BBQ! Our restaurant of choice was “House of Galbi,” a relatively new place in Encino, which meant I had to trek back to the valley once again. There were eight of us in total, and we DEVOURED all of the food put in front of us. I somehow ended up as the designated meat cooker for my side of the table, which was actually a lot of fun, but inhibited my eating abilities a bit. After a long night of chatting and eating, we headed out at around 10pm. Definitely looking forward to the next TKD night! See a quick video below, because the meal was too fun and too delicious for me to have my phone out for longer than these 10 seconds!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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