Paint Nite

Maria and I have been roommates for a year, so we went out to celebrate!

Monday, 6/5/2017

It’s hard to believe I have been out of my parents’ house and living in an apartment for over a year! Time truly does fly. But a year in the apartment meant a year of having Maria as a roommate! So, we felt the best way to celebrate was by going to a Paint Nite!

img_8706This one was taking place at the “Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill” at The Grove! We arrived a bit early to get some wine and order food for dinner. Unsurprisingly, we actually ended up finishing a whole glass of wine each before the painting began, which made the whole evening WAY more fun.

Throughout the night, we hilariously had to find ways to balance three plates of food on our tiny table while painting and drinking wine. It was a very good thing I was wearing both a smock and a table napkin, otherwise my jeans would’ve been ruined (I blame this more on my clumsiness than on my being tipsy). As you can only imagine, it was a great night, and I definitely want to do a Paint Nite again, even if the next one turns as ugly as this one…Okay, it’s not THAT bad, but definitely not my best work.

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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