Oh, What a Night!

So I saw another musical! But it wasn’t with Danelle this time…

Sunday, 5/28/2017

I don’t think I need to let you know that I’m ALWAYS up for seeing a musical. Yes, always in all caps. So when my friend Jesse asked me if I wanted to see Jersey Boys at the Ahmanson over Memorial Day weekend, I was of course very down.

img_8677Jesse picked us up some dinner ahead of time and we ate outside of the theater on one of the tables. We then headed over to the theater to take some pictures, obviously! They had this adorable cutout set up that was the perfect photo op.

Mark Ballas of Dancing with the Stars was playing Frankie Valli, and we actually saw Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank in the audience, as he was on the show recently and his wife Kym Johnson is also on the show! It was pretty cool.

The show itself was really great! Lots of laughs and fun music we danced along to. I would highly recommend you go see it! Now I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m seeing next, right? Well, it’s Book of Mormon–again! And it’s with someone you wouldn’t expect…stay tuned!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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