Saving the Galaxy

I had a very nerdy day and it was pretty much perfect. I highly suggest you read on.

Saturday, 5/6/2017

My day started out with a trip to the brand new IKEA in Burbank with my dad. It. Was. Massive. Now personally, I’m a fan of going to IKEA. It’s fun to see all of their room setups, and I never knew how many things I totally NEEDED to get (lamps, storage cubes, glasses, etc.). My dad is also a fan of IKEA, but my mom is not. Since she was away, he asked if we could go together. And we had tons of fun.

Next, we headed to the AMC in Burbank to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in Dolby Cinema! For those that have yet to experience a movie in Dolby Cinema, I highly recommend you do so! Particularly with this movie, because the colors and images are truly brought to life with Dolby tech! Yes, they’re my client, but I wouldn’t be telling you how good this is unless I truly loved it, I swear.

I then headed back to my apartment to change for something I had been looking forward to for, no joke, six months. Chelsea and I had bought tickets to “Scum and Villainy Cantina,” a Star Wars-themed pop-up bar in Hollywood, in November, and were just now able to cash in our reservation! I low-key dressed up as Rey for the occasion, hair and all.

Included in our ticket price were two drinks, a souvenir glass, and a token to return for half of the cover during open seating. We walked inside and were immediately transported to Tatooine! The music playing was just like that in the cantina in Episode IV, and nearly everyone was dressed up! I was the happiest of nerds.

img_8348-1Chelsea and I grabbed a table and then went up for drinks. Obviously we had to go with one of their signature cocktails, because why would you go to a Star Wars-themed bar and NOT get Star Wars-themed cocktail? For her first drink, Chelsea went with the “Wretched Blue Milk,” which was basically a blue Piña Colada. For my first drink, I chose “A Bad Feeling About This,” which was basically a Tequila Sunrise. Both were very good! We sipped our drinks and chatted, before grabbing our seconds (both of us opted for the “Wretched Blue Milk” this time) and perusing the whole bar.

Although the bar itself was a bit smaller than I was expecting, it was done extremely well! I cannot wait to return again next month with Adam, perhaps in a different costume!

Rey and Jyn Erso, saving the galaxy one drink at a time 😉

Although there was food at Scum and Villainy, Chelsea and I decided to venture elsewhere. She recommended “Black Rabbit Rose,” a secret bar that was just a few blocks away from where we were. It was an upscale, Alice-in-Wonderland-type bar that hosts regular magic shows. The kicker? They also serve Thai food!

I ordered yet another drink (I know, what was with me?), their “Zig Zag Lady,” a sweet rum drink with blackcurrants and a piece of candied mango. It was delightful. Then Chelsea and I shared orders of their “Drunken Noodles” and “Pad Thai.” Now, I wouldn’t say I’m a spice wimp, but I usually prefer to order things mild so that I can actually taste them instead of having my mouth be on fire. Both dishes were supposedly mild, but they were soooo spicy! Thankfully the cocktail dulled the heat a bit. Don’t get me wrong, the food was great, but maybe next time I’ll order them without spice.

We left the bar and I headed home for the evening…at only 9pm! It was kind of great, although I did feel like a grandma. Overall, an amazingly fun day!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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