Cinco de Mayo

After a fun “Quatro de Mayo” celebration at work the day before, I was excited to celebrate the real thing….with a long-awaited friend!

Friday, 5/5/2017

It was a very long week at work, so I was excited to wind down on a Friday night! Mel’s boyfriend Jon was hosting a Cinco de Mayo party with his roommates, so why not wind down there? And something that added to the excitement of the evening? Hallie was in town! So she came over to my parents house and we caught up for a little bit before heading to the party.

A casual bunch, we were greeted with margarita jell-o shots in limes. So much effort went into them that I’m very disappointed I didn’t snap a photo. Throughout the evening, Jon’s roommate Dyllan made some delicious chicken tacos, and Hallie and I also snagged a quesadilla square each, which we found out afterwards were vegan! We’d have never known. Overall, a fun evening with amazing friends after a mediocre week.

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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