Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

It was a gorgeous day outside, so obviously it was the perfect day to go hiking!

Saturday, 4/29/2017

The sun was shining, there was a nice breeze in the air. What could be better than going to lovely Malibu for a hike? Melissa and I hopped in the car and wove through the mountains before arriving at the entrance to Escondido Falls! The hike itself wasn’t too difficult, although with all of the hiking I’ve been doing lately, I have realized how truly out of shape I actually am…oops.

After an hour along the path, we arrived at the falls! Since the rain has lightened up in the past few weeks, it was more of a trickle, but still absolutely beautiful! See below:

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Upon taking photos, I unfortunately took a bit of a spill… My right leg is all scratched and bruised and pretty colors. To be honest, in the moment, the embarrassment hurt more than the actual pain. The pain came in the two days following, where I laid in bed and took lots of Advil. But I’ve had worse 😉

Overall, I would highly recommend the hike to Escondido Falls! It was easy-to-moderate difficulty, and the views were spectacular! It took us about two hours and was a little over four miles in total. Despite falling, it was a wonderful morning! Hopefully I will get better at hiking over the summer and not injure myself, but one can dream…

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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