Rolling with my SLOmies

I’m a big fan of the San Luis Obispo puns, as you can see. In any case, I headed up to SLO for my sorority’s alumni weekend, and here’s how it went!

Friday, 4/21/2017

I crawled up the coast to SLO, and yes, I do mean crawled. What normally takes three hours took four and a half. By the time I made it to SLO, I was tired and ready to eat. Fortunately, it was time for Shabbat dinner at the Chabad house! In college, I would go to Chabad almost every Friday night, and I was beyond excited to return for the first time in over two years. With many of my close friends there, and mountains of delicious food, I was not disappointed.

img_8227Then it was time to head over to Rachel’s house, where I would be staying for the weekend! I hadn’t seen her since we went to Disneyland in January, so I was beyond excited to spend time with her. We got a little spruced up before we headed to a pregame before heading to the bars downtown.

We chatted with some of the other alums and active sisters before we all went downtown. The second Rachel and I walked in, we both looked at each other with a look that said “we’re too old for this.” I think we stayed for approximately 15 minutes before trekking back to her apartment.

Saturday, 4/22/2017

We woke up early(ish) to get breakfast at Starbucks and go on a hike! On the Cal Poly campus, there’s a typical hike up to a giant “P” for Poly. I definitely missed out on the opportunity to do this hike while in college, so I was excited to give it a try! We met Shoshana and Allen and booked it up to the P. It was a gorgeous day, so we definitely lucked out.

We headed back and showered, before going to the first official event of Alumni Weekend. We had a nice brunch at the park, then went wine tasting at “Filipponi Ranch” and beer tasting at “Tap It Brewing Co.” While neither place was my favorite, I definitely had a lot of fun hanging out with my sisters! See a nice picture collage below:

Yes, I did need to put a picture of this sandwich in this post.

After drinking, we were in need for some food. And there’s nothing, and I mean NOTHING, better than a sandwich from “High Street Deli.” My go-to will forever be their Turkey Pesto sandwich with avocado.

Rachel and I then went on a rom-com binge, with 10 Things I Hate About You and How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days. We then hopped in the car to drive to “The Madonna Inn” for dessert. While I had been dreaming of tasting their Dutch caramel apple pie, they were sadly out. But they did have a slice of their banana cream pie, and Rachel got strawberry pie. We went back to her place and watched New Girl. Honestly, the perfect evening.

Sunday, 4/23/2017

Rachel had to work, so I headed to our last event of the weekend solo. It was a nice breakfast at the park, followed by some bonding activities. I ended up leaving SLO around 12:30pm and arrived back in LA close to 4:00pm, an appropriate amount of time! I was greeted by a delicious homemade dinner from Adam, and headed back to my apartment afterwards for some well-deserved sleep.

Overall, a fun weekend in SLO! It was great to hang out with Rachel and to see some of my other friends, but I can’t wait to return on my own schedule (aka lots of wine tastings). Till next time, SLO!

-Girl in San Luis Obispo 🙂

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