Passover 2017

Ahh Passover. The holiday made for the Angeleno Jew (gluten free diet for a week without anyone judging you). This year’s lead up to the holiday required a post, so that’s what you’re getting today!

Saturday, 4/8/2017
All the matzah balls!

After a quick workout and shower, I headed over to my grandma’s house to make soup. But not just any soup — her famous matzah ball soup. Since my grandma is recovering from surgery and only has use of one of her arms, I volunteered as tribute to make the soup. Four hours and 55 matzah balls later, we were finally done!

I went home and promptly took a nap before my evening’s activity. I met Brendan at “The Comedy Store” to see my trainer Erik! It was a hilarious night, with headliner Iliza Shlesinger and surprise guest Kevin Nealon!

Sunday, 4/9/2017
Birthday girl with her birthday cheesecake!

I may have mentioned this once before, but I’m a big fan of birthdays. Not just my own, but everyone else’s, particularly making the birthday person feel special. This time it was my wonderful friend Shoshana! We went for mani-pedis and then shared a cheesecake at “Urth Caffe” in Beverly Hills!

Monday, 4/10/2017

After a CRAZY work day of running around Los Angeles, I was ready to settle in for a night of delicious food and wonderful family and friends! We had 23 people at this year’s Passover Seder, and it was absolutely wonderful!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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