March 2017

A couple Disney trips, birthday dinners, and quite a few drinks, March 2017 was a wonderful month!

Saturday, 3/4/2017: A Drinking Game

Another drinking game! This time? The Princess Bride, a classic and one of my all-time favorite movies! I brought Adam and my awesome trainer Erik. It was inconceivably hilarious! See an iconic clip below 😉

Sunday, 3/5/2017: Disneyland

Have I mentioned how much I love being an annual passholder? This trip was with my lovely friend Karina! It was a bit spur of the moment. She called me at noon and drove to my apartment and we were off! It rained a bit in the beginning, but we powered through and the sun came out for a gorgeous day. Pictures below!

Monday, 3/6/2017: MCON and Public School 818

First activity of the evening was taking my friend Michelle out to dinner for her birthday! She chose “M CON,” a Taiwanese fusion restaurant. It was definitely a delicious place I’ll be checking out again!

img_8022Stop #2 was drinks at “Public School 818” with my longtime friend David! I hadn’t seen him in over a year, so it was great to hang out and catch up!

Wednesday, 3/8/2017: Kong: Skull Island Premiere

It was time once again for me to attend a movie screening for my awesome client Dolby! But this wasn’t just any movie screening. This was the world premiere of Kong: Skull Island at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood! Yes, where they have the Oscars! I tried to act more cool, but really I just kind of nerded out. We had dinner and drinks with some of our influencers beforehand and then were escorted to the movie!

There were a few celeb sightings, including Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad and John Goodman, one of the movie’s stars. Overall, an incredibly fun night!

Sunday, 3/12/2017: Adam’s Birthday

I pride myself on making my friends feel really special on their birthdays, so for Adam’s birthday, I wanted to spend the whole day with him! We had lunch at an amazing dim sum place called “A&W Seafood.” Women walked around with carts and Adam just told them what we wanted to eat. It was awesome!

We then headed back to his place for an amazing homemade peanut butter chocolate pie I made the day before. Guys, I’m so domestic.

Friday, 3/17/2017: St. Patrick’s Day

img_8041I’m part of my office’s culture committee, and this year for St. Patrick’s Day, we decided to go to the farmer’s market at The Grove to grab drinks! My coworkers are pretty awesome, not gonna lie.

Saturday, 3/18/2017: Miceli’s

Adam’s birthday celebration continued with a fun dinner at “Miceli’s,” Los Angeles’ oldest Italian restaurant. The wait staff all sang at various points in the evening. It was wonderful. Definitely worth checking out!

Sunday, 3/19/2017: Disney Food & Wine Festival

Last year, Danelle and I attended the Food and Wine Festival at Disney’s California Adventure, and it was amazing. This year they amped up the whole thing, and we were beyond eager to check it out.

We chose to once again wear matching outfits! With some fun baseball tees for each of our favorite princesses and corresponding crowns, we were ready to take on the park!

They had a new feature this year for Annual Passholders. For just $45 you could try eight different offerings from the many food stands. Most items rang in at about $6-$7, so this was a total bargain! See all the foods we tried and my ratings for them in the slideshow below! I can’t wait to go again 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tuesday, 3/21/2017: Vitello’s

After gorging myself at the food an wine fest, I decided to give Weight Watchers a try! So when my trainer/big brother Erik invited my to his birthday dinner at “Vitello’s” in Studio City, I had to come prepared. We had a wonderful time and everyone marveled at the fact that I got a roasted vegetable salad with a chicken breast.

Wednesday, 3/22/2017: Fun Home


Danelle will forever be my musical buddy. So when she suggested we go see Fun Home at the Ahmanson Theatre in Downtown LA (and it was only $27), how could I say no? It was an interesting one-act show, with many sad and serious moments made lighter with songs like “Come to the Fun Home.” Not my favorite show I’ve ever seen, but delightful nonetheless!

Sunday, 3/26/2017: Engagement Party & Wine Tasting

After an intense workout with Erik, I raced to my parents house to shower and get ready for Shoshana and Allen’s engagement party! Yes, they’re getting married! They hosted a lovely lunch in the pool area of their apartment building with close friends and family.

My friend/little sister Lauren!

I then raced back over to my parents for their annual Passover wine tasting! Lots of good friends and family were there, and much wine was consumed! Overall, a great day filled with many happy occasions!

Monday, 3/27/2017: Beauty and the Beast

One of my favorite classic Disney movies is Beauty and the Beast, so when they announced that there would be a live action version starring perfect human Emma Watson, I knew I needed to see it. Maria and I bought tickets to see it at the El Capitan in Hollywood, which was a truly magical experience! After the show, we got to look at some of the amazing costumes and props from the movie. If you haven’t seen this movie, do it! And if you have the chance to see a movie at the El Capitan, it’s truly incredible!

And that’s all for March! Now that I’m all caught up, be prepared for the usual single-day posts! First one is coming up shortly!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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