February 2017

Almost totally caught up with my month-by-month playbacks! Here’s February 2017!

Friday-Sunday, 2/10-12/2017: Tacoma, WA

It was senior weekend for my brother’s basketball team, and his last two home games of the season, so my parents, grandma, uncle and I headed up to visit! While they unfortunately lost both games, it was so much fun to spend time with my family and see my brother in his element. Among the highlights were: breakfast with the team, where the coach highlighted each individual senior; dinner with my brother and all of his friends at “Duke’s Chowder House” (incredible clam chowder!); walking along Ruston Way on a beautifully chilly day with the family; being introduced along with my brother and walking him out onto the court; and breakfast at “Dirty Oscar’s Annex” (they had the most incredible spicy candied bacon). See some shots below!

Friday, 2/24/2017: Skirball Museum

While we were supposed to go to dinner in West Hollywood, Mel, Melissa, Chelsea and I ended up heading to The Skirball Museum for a special free event featuring art from Roy Lichtenstein! We grabbed dinner from a food truck parked out front and then checked out the exhibit. It was a fun change of pace, and we got to take some pretty cute pics in the process. See below!

And those are my top highlights from February! Only a few, but they pave the way for the really busy March I had. Stay tuned!

-Girl in Tacoma and Los Angeles 🙂

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